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          Arfano Group

          Arfano Group

          Iran Member Since: 10 Oct, 2020
          Pasdaran Tehran, Tehran, Iran
          Sadra Amjad

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          Tehran, Iran

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          About Arfano Group

          The general activities of the Arfano Group include trade and contracting penalties, sales, production, equipment, distribution and export and import. We are in areas such as: - Oil and gas and petrochemical industries - Types of stones and building materials - Textiles, clothing and textiles - Sale, import and export of nuts - Agriculture - Livestock, poultry and aquatic animals - Related equipment and information technology, nanotechnology, telecommunications and electricity and electronics - Light and heavy machines and machines - Textiles, clothing and textiles - Steel and casting The Arfano team, with its hardworking and capable youth, hopes to help you in all areas of exports and in the cases mentioned, and we need to support you dear ones as well.

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