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          GOLD SERVICE

          Dedicated Buyers Guaranteed with Enhanced Digital Presence

          • 100% Guaranteed Dedicated Buyer Acquisition
          • Money-Back Guarantee
          • Smart Digital Marketing Exposure
          • Top Rank - Search Engine Optimization
          • Lead Generation & Profound Nurturing
          • Elite Brand Exposure for Maximum ROI
          • High-Quality Verified ExportHub Buyers
          • & Much More
          LIVE CHAT


          Ask How Many Buyers We Can Guarantee You!

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          MEET GAM

          Your After Sales & Dedicated Buyer Connectivity Assistant

          GAM is a Gold Account Manager dedicated to Gold Membership Suppliers. GAM provides answers to all your queries, be it account related or buyer acquisition strategy. He possesses all the required skills to generate buying leads and verify potential buyers. .

          • Quick Account Setup
          • Professional Social Media Management
          • Rapid Account Level Support
          • Market Research
          • Exclusive Buyer Fetching
          • Industry Analysis
          • Expert Buyer Negotiations


          Our Responsibility

          To provide state-of-the-art marketing & trade development services to ensure maximum value to our members

          Our Positioning

          ExportHub blends both B2B and Digital Marketing to help you get targeted buyers & generate maximum profits .

          Our Strategy

          To make the most of all the available online and offline marketing tools and develop global buinsess relationships


          GAM Detailed Service Features

          • ExportHub Profile Management
          • Product Posting Assistance
          • New Inquiries Alert
          • Buyer Verification
          • Phone & Email Correspondence
          • Trade Negotiations
          • Strategic Marketing
          • Monthly Performance Reports
          • Personal Dashboard
          • Social Accounts Management
          • ExportHub Buyer Filtration
          • & Much More

          What Number of Buyers
          Can We GUARANTEE You?

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