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          Qingdao Rinborn Machinery C., Ltd

          Qingdao Rinborn Machinery C., Ltd

          China Member Since: 25 Oct, 2020
          No. 58, Lingshanwan Road, Shandong, Qingdao, China
          Marco Ian

          Business Nature


          Legal Status

          Private Limited

          Year Established


          Annual Turnover

          22000000 USD


          Qingdao, China

          Main Products

          Machining Parts, Forging, Casting

          Recent Transactions


          Payment Terms

          About Qingdao Rinborn Machinery C., Ltd

          RMC was founded in 1999 by our founding team based in Qingdao, Shangdong, China. With its foundry and machining workshop also in Shandong province, we have now grown to become one of the finest metal forming companies with processes of sand casting, lost wax casting (investment casting), shell mold casting, lost foam casting, vacuum casting, precision forging, machining and post-processes such as surface treatment and heat treatment. As a full service metal casting company, RMC have redundant manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce top quality products for our customers. We also offer outsourced castings, forgings, metalworks, heat treatment and surface treatment from other contracting partners in China to provide a cost effective alternative with short lead times. RMC is a global oriented manufacturer of high precision, high complexity and mission critical casting and precision machined parts for diverse end markets. We enjoyed a high reputation from our global emerging position by our integrated business model with comprehensive capabilities of offering one stop industrial solutions. From pattern design to finished parts, we can do whatever you need for OEM custom metal parts. With our well organized facilities and professional colleagues, we utilize the new advanced technologies which helps us produce complex, high precision, near net metal parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

          Main Markets

          Russian FederationRussian Federation(-1%)

          Products Groups

          Gray Iron Casting Parts
          Custom Sand Casting Parts Made of Gray Cast Iron. CNC Precision Machining Services Are Available.
          $1.2-1.5 USD Per kg / kg
          100 pieces kg (Min. Order)
          OEM Custom Sand Casting Parts
          Custom Sand Casting Parts Made of Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel. CNC Precision Machining Services Are Available.
          $1.2-1.5 USD Per kg / kg
          100 pieces kg (Min. Order)
          Custom Lost Wax Casting Parts
          Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Silica Sol Lost Wax Investment Precision Casting Supplier from China with OEM Custom and CNC Precision Machining Services
          $2-8 USD / kg
          100 pieces kg (Min. Order)

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