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          Saerom Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

          Saerom Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

          South Korea Member Since: 21 Oct, 2020
          119, Yeongun-ro, Yeoncheon-eup, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea Gyeonggi, Seoul, South Korea
          Saerom Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

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          Seoul, South Korea

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          Face Mask

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          About Saerom Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

          We, SAEROM COSMETICS, are a manufacturer that produces hair products such as hair dye, care products, scalp care products, styling, perm, shampoo and hair treatment to the hair professionals and the wholesales dealers. By managing an enterprise institute that is Natural Care Lab, we offer OEM and ODM development possible technique as well. Our company is growing into an international enterprise as entering the international exhibition, dispatching of market pioneer along with organized global marketing and we currently have our products export to the U.S, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand etc.


          FIRST CURE Lab.Face MASK (KF-AD)
          FIRST CURE Lab. MASK (KF-AD) from Saerom Cosmetics Co.,Ltd. | Model: FCLM-692672023 | Price: $0.1 Per USD | Minimum Order Quantity: 15,000 USD | Delivery Time: 14-15 Business Days | Shipping Port: Gyeonggi | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: high volume | Certification: iso13485 | Rating: 2.1 (20 reviews).
          $0.1 / USD
          15,000 USD (Min. Order)
          FIRST CURE Lab.MASK(KF-AD)
          1. FIRST CURE Lab.Mask (KF-AD) - 1 case (50 ea) / 1 carton (1,500 ea) - MB Filter - Saliva Droplet Prevention Mask - FDA - KF-AD : It is Certificate from MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea)
          $0.1 US$ / 1 case (50 ea)
          15,000 ea 1 case (50 ea) (Min. Order)

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